Lotus Plaza – “Remember Our Days” / A Hidden Gem

I was walking home from work at the embassy the other day and, as per usual, slipped my iPod earbuds on. I was pumped to (internally) rock out to some White Stripes as I walked through downtown Santiago on this cloudy and cold day, but I got held up. Let’s back up. During the last hour of work, I had decided to throw on the latest Lotus Plaza release, Spooky Action at a Distance, since the album was pretty chill and wouldn’t disturb my coworkers, busily calling local Chilean mining companies. I had listened to the album a few times before and enjoyed it, but hadn’t gotten much out of it. Well 5:00 PM rolled around and I hadn’t finished the album, so the ninth track, “Remember Our Days,” was queued up when I got out the iPod. I decided I would listen to it a bit before switching over to some “Ball & Biscuit”, but I became entranced. It’s a beautiful little song. Nothing grand, but simple and awesome. I can’t stress how important the atmosphere around you is in determining your enjoyment of a song. And on this cold day, this track was what I needed.

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