The Most Underrated Beatles Song: “It’s All Too Much”

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Yellow Submarine was easily my favorite movie at the tender age of 6. Either that or Space Jam. One of my clearest memories from first grade was asking my teacher, Mrs. Moore, if she “had heard of John Lennon before,” which might as well have been rephrased as “Mrs. Moore, did you live under a rock your whole life?” But I was 6. And I really liked John’s mustache in the movie. Anyway, “It’s All Too Much” is a George Harrison composition that made it onto the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine film soundtrack in 1969. It was the last song of the movie, making a perfect psychedelic sendoff for the whole affair. Due to the song’s placement on the Beatles’ often-disregarded Yellow Submarine soundtrack, it’s often forgotten, which is a shame. I think it’s one of their catchiest, and definitely one of George’s best. “All the world is birthday cake, so take a piece, but not too much.”

6 thoughts on “The Most Underrated Beatles Song: “It’s All Too Much”

  1. I love purdy much anything about the Beatles; this post is no exception. You know what’s also underrated? Paul’s bassline on “Only a Northern Song,” though it’s definitely one of Harrison’s weakest compositions.

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