Chromatics – “Lady” / The Perfect Night Driving Song

There’s nothing quite like a solid “Night Drive” playlist, whether you’re throwing it on in a city with flashing lights or on some long and winding road. It needs a steady but compelling beat, with an aura of mystery about it. For me, the 90’s classic “Tom’s Diner” by Suzanne Vega is a perfect example. For a more indie-electro approach, I strongly suggest you download “Lady” by Chromatics and sync up your iPod. In fact, download the whole album, Kill For Love. It sets the mood perfectly. Two pieces of evidence that prove Chromatics can pinpoint the “Night Drive” aesthetic:

  1. Their previous album was called, uh, Night Drive.
  2. Johnny Jewel, Chromatics’ main man, was originally slated to score the entire movie Drive. The one with Ryan Gosling. If you’re one of the 99% of girls and 73% of guys that think Ryan Gosling is hot, well, there’s one more reason to check out this track. No, he’s not in this video, sorry.